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Walking the tightrope

This is another adventure in my #raisingreaders quest, this time with my son.

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Valentines…for next year

A lot of schools are moving away from candy for different school parties, including Valentine’s Day. I found this after my kids made their glow stick Valentines, but to support my lifestyle/theme #raisingreaders, we may be doing this next year. And even if you still want to do candy, you could always combine the bookmark with…… Continue reading Valentines…for next year

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A Little Reminder…

I saw this on Twitter today (thanks @bookpandemic) and felt the need to share. I’ve always loved to read, but only in the last couple years have I tried to make it a conscious daily task to do some sort of reading, and I’ll admit, it does make me happy. It also makes my kids…… Continue reading A Little Reminder…